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Our Scope

Our range of serviceable cargoes include agriproducts such as soybean meal, corn, wheat, peas, lentils, and bulk sugar, fixed on both voyage charter and time charter.

​Additionally, shipments for other commodities such as bulk fertilizers, manganese ore, cement clinker, and coal are serviced by us each year.

10m tonnes p.a spread across

Mini Bulkers (5,000 - 15,000dwt)

Handysize-Handymax (22,000 - 49,000dwt)

Supramax-Ultramax (50,000 - 66,000dwt)

LME-Kamsarmax (72,000-94,000dwt)



Grains/Agriprods (SBM, Corn, Sugar)

Fertilizers (DAP, Urea, Ammonium Sulphate)


Coal (Anthracite, Steam, Coking)

Manganese Ore (Fines, Lumps)

Iron Ore (Fines, Lumps)

More than 7 major commodities


We embrace diversity. 

Our team consists of hardworking, dedicated

individuals from Europe, Dubai, India, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.



More than just numbers

We genuinely love what we do.
For better or worse, we're here to stay and service our principals with our utmost.

Our Focus

We regularly move agriproducts out of Canada, US, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, and Australia, often bound for destinations in the Pacific, Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean.

Bulk Fertilizers such as DAP, Ammonium Sulphate, and Urea in and out of Australia, China, and the Persian Gulf to worldwide destinations.

Our books also often include Cement Clinkers exported from Thailand, Vietnam-Indonesia and Manganese Ore from Australia, Indonesia, and South Africa and regional coal movements.

Our Strategy

Our modus operandi and work culture revolves around our firm's core values in being Dynamic, Reliable, and Trustworthy.

While focusing on our niche and expanding along its premises, we build a brand of familiarity and stability. By staying above an ever-changing market, we constantly adapt in our approach to the latest trends.

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